Yes, I am a Trump-supporter..Oh nooooo Don’t bring out your hate comments as yet before you scroll down and read the reasons why I support him.
#He has stated that he will create more jobs for Americans.
Well, isn’t it a nice thing to do? I mean, America is the country first for Americans and they should have the right to have  better lives and a job for it is really very important. And we often complain about the unemployment in the country so why not give him a chance.
More jobs –> Less unemployment –> Low crime rate –> More income –> Higher GDP –> Better Quality Life –> HAPPY HAPPY
 “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, I tell you that. I’ll bring back our jobs from China, from Japan, from Mexico and from so many places. I’ll bring back our money. … Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.
# He has stated that he will throw the ILLEGAL immigrants out of the country.
Well, read it again. It says “Illegal immigrants” which is not a bad thing because they are illegal for a reason. They might be a criminal running away from their country or simply people with lack of documentations but still rules are RULES and everyone has to follow them.
# He is a capitalist and would demand  high performance.
This is necessary for every and any country : High performance. Humans are called resources for a reason ; its our knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge practically. If we don’t perform to our fullest then we are not actually contributing to the development, right? Trump being a businessman would know how to get the best from you. 
#He will be tough on ISIS
Well, we have had enough of their crap, now is the time for action. Go Trump!
# He is loyal to his country
His election campaign slogan says it all. #let’smakeAmericagreatagain
# He speaks the truth

Trump isn’t politically correct. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, and he can certainly voice an opinion. If he has an issue with you, he will say it to your face. It’d be nice to have a politician in office with that level of transparency.

#Last but not the least, be honest, don’t you enjoy when he says some of the weirdest,wackiest and the funniest things he shouldn’t say? He is entertaining which makes him likable. 

I couldn’t think of more reasons and plus this is what I think not what you should also think but it would make me happy if you agree with me. ^_^


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