I am an Ailurophile. I can stalk cats all day long. And I just <3 Grumpy Cat!
What makes Grumpy Cat so special?
Cats are known for their big cute eyes, soft fur and their adorable purr. But Grumpy Cat is nothing like that and I love it!
Grumpy Cat is  a combination of sarcasm, attitude and HATE! And she is here to stay.
And if you didn’t know , the real name of Grumpy cat is Tarde Sauce. And, yes Grumpy Cat is a female (explains a lot why she is grumpy, Eh?). She was born on 4th April 2012 and She is 4 years old at present. She even has a wikipedia page and you can read more about it here..
 The grumpiness on her face is actually due underbite and feline dwarfism. And the real truth is that Grumpy Cat isn’t grumpy at all!  She is very lovable according to her owner.
 But why do I love grumpy cat?
 I can actually relate to her and most of you can too because at times you just wanna go like 
People can be annoying and at times life just doesn’t seem as colorful as it should and then you just want to hate everything!
Grumpy Cat (Memes at particular) helps me hate everything and actually makes me feel that I am not the only one thinking this way.
Don’t get me wrong , I don’t hate everything all the time but when you are feeling low, hating is not a bad option. 
And Grumpy Cat actually reminds me of my friend who is filled with equal amount of hate.(He is actually really very grumpy)
And yes, if you are in love with Grumpy Cat (like me) go ahead and download this really cool game called “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever” and you will be pleasantly  surprised! This game is available on Google PlayStore. 
                   download-2 download-3 download-4
Loving everyone is a good thing but if you want to hate, I am not stopping you  😀 but yes it should be because of a valid reason and not too hardcore.
Have fun and Happy reading~

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