Hey everyone!~

Yeah,a new blogger in the town.All these times I have been only reading blogs,now it’s my chance to write one,I guess.

Why should you read my blog?

Well,there is no answer for it. I might pique your interests or maybe not…but ain’t I worth giving a shot? *pokes*

Who am i ?

Ah,Let me introduce myself,if you are wondering about me (and for those who are not wondering about me…….there is something wrong with you =/ JK! you are perfectly fine~)

I am a girl and a human too, 16 yrs old from India hence, not an Indian but a proud Indian.

I love music,favourite kind beingwhich goes with my moodI rap too at times and sing too (but oh! a frog can croak better).You can usually  find me singing nursery poems ’cause lets be honest, they have the best rhyme scheme. Drama forms a big part of my life ( it is a tragic comedy basically)

A lot of people know me (or at least they think they do) yet I am mysterious in many ways,hence the known anonymous.

What can you expect from my blog?

Nothing. What should you expect from my blog? Nothing,again. I am going to write about alot of stuff,maybe about my favourite color or the show I saw years ago or about how that cat ignored me yesterday (Yeah, that cat was a meanie!)…

There are alot of things to say and alot of ways to know each other right? And I would want this blogging experience of mine to be two-way,a journey where you can know about me and I will get the opportunity to know about you too! (ew,poetic stuff but I do mean it =D ) I am pessimistic and yeah an awkward teen who doesn’t even know how to respond to compliments but then again I can really be positive to you and you can find me eulogizing everyone and anyone.

I am sometimes funny in my own ways and sarcastic too ( only sometimes!).BUT oh wait! I am not one of those kids who think they can change the world, but if my blog makes your day any better then my purpose is served.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get addicted to my blog….I cannot promise I won’t bite (I might even pop out of the screen and stab you so a gas mask is suggested! =D)

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