I read this somewhere that “When you wake up at 3 am, 85% of the time it is because someone was staring at you” Creepy!
I love taking long walks at the night. There is something peaceful about it. Walking alone during the night. But last night I felt something weird. I was walking on the usual path. Then I got a feeling that someone was watching me. I turned back and saw a black cat. But then…in a blink..the cat was GONE!
I know I know, being a student of science and a human of 21st century I shouldn’t even think about the existence of ghosts. But it has intrigued me since forever and I wouldn’t deny the fact that I believe that ghosts do exist.
Now I will be showered with the questions asking “Do you have any proof that ghosts exist?” Well, Do you have any proof that they don’t exist? I have not seen one or heard one but the stories are enough to make me believe in their existence. And not to mention the sporadic feeling of being watched.
There is this story my classmate once told me about this particular area.
There is an old tree there and in our Indian culture it is believed that ghosts live in old trees but anyways if you are trespassing that tree in your car you would see an old lady wearing white clothes. She would ask you for a lift.There would be two things you either give her a lift or you don’t. If you give her the lift then well, I am not sure its a good idea to give a lift to a ghost(you should have understood it by now that she is ghost). And if you refused to give her the lift then well, she will follow your car and then start running along it and some people have claimed to even see her blood shot eyes.
Creepy AF but the worst part? I used to live really close to that area…
I guess I will never know if ghosts exist or not but here are some images I found on internet.

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