I was watching “Ugly Betty season 1″ and the first few episodes made me think…“Why doesn’t anyone at her workplace like her ?”



Okay…I agree she was working for a magazine and of course the looks would matter there BUT I think none of us would have trouble in actually relating it to our life, Don’t you think so ? It can either be us experiencing the same kind of hatred or maybe us inflicting the hatred. Yes, I said “US”.  And no, don’t start  telling me how you think looks don’t matter because they do . I even find some questions online like “There is this girl who likes me but she is ugly like really ugly and that is why I don’t want to date her. How do I avoid her ? “. Well, doesn’t that prove that uhm…looks do matter (or the guy is a jerk but whatever) .


Let us say, there is a person named “Erp”. He has a  great personality, knows a bit of the hilarious jokes and can cook too! But…..He doesn’t look good at all….I mean to say he is  erm….ugly ( OMG I am so rude ) Would you want to approach him? Well, be honest! I know you wouldn’t and neither would I (sorry, Erp!). There is nothing wrong in accepting that looks actually do matter, right? And it is a known fact that the chances of getting approached by people is higher for the people that are relatively attractive on appearance. This might sound bitter but oh well, it is what it is…

WAIT!  Does that mean “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is yet another  a false statement too?
Well , no…but let us first understand what does it actually mean. It means in simple words that ;
“There is someone in this world who will think that you are beautiful too”
Like how I found Betty in the show “Ugly Betty” actually cute and attractive but most of the people in the show didn’t (otherwise they wouldn’t have named it Ugly Betty,Eh?) but in the same way there is someone who will find you pretty,beautiful,handsome etc. for the way just you are…
“Hm…Do you mean that we should actually put looks above the personality we have…?” ( This is what you were thinking right? Ah, I can read your brain )

I never said that! Thankfully, we live in a world where being attractive has become fairly easy, you can join yoga classes, spin classes or aerobics or whatever and look physically attractive… A zillion kinds of cosmetics which can transform the way your face looks like( believe me, I have seen girls who with just a tad bit of make-up look gorgeous ) and if everything fails there are cosmetic surgeries too.


*Sigh* But unfortunately enough there is still no medicine for changing a bitchy personality into a pleasant one or  a potion that can magically make you lovable… It is something that you have to work on and yeah, this is what would matter in the long run… So be pleasant and be optimistic ’cause no one wants to be around a negative Nora AND the most important thing is to keep SMILING ’cause I feel “smiles can go on for miles” okay… That didn’t make much sense but I guess you understood what I meant , right?  Awh, thank you for understanding me so well!

Happy reading!!!!

2 thoughts on “Is it all about your personality or looks matter too?

  1. well said!!! and the irony is that the ugly one who is rejected, rejects the other person who is uglier 😛


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