Yes, another message that you will ignore…you can ignore it or read and ignore it…

I messaged you yesterday, not once, not twice but many times but I got no reply from you. I messaged you first with an “Hey, How are you?” and within seconds the app showed that the message has been “seen”. I was so excited because now I knew that we would text about everything. Maybe you were typing the new joke you have listened on the radio or about your day at school. I was thinking how would I reply but maybe I shouldn’t have bothered because you never replied me back. I waited and waited and waited but I never got any message I was about to consider that you were busy but then I received a notification about you changing your status to “I am so bored” maybe you are not that busy…But still I smiled it off and hoped that I would receive a message from you when I wake up the next morning but all I saw was “Messages Unread – 0″…Yes, yes you ignored me.
Do you know how much courage it takes to be the first one sending the message? You view messages as a combination of words as a text but for me it means much more than that. It is like hope for me and an assurance that I do matter to you but with every minute that passed on with me waiting you to reply back, I could hear my heart crack and break into two and then being crushed and then powdered. How much does it hurt being ignored? Well, I won’t waste my time telling you that because no amount of words are enough to contain the pain your ignorance has given me. Words sting but it is the silence that hurts the most. You could have replied me “I am busy I cannot talk right now” even if all you were doing was laying on couch and I would have not disturbed you but instead you chose to ignore me. It would have taken 30 seconds to type that message. Am I not even worth 30 seconds of your time?
Do you remember when you were being sad and depressed about your life and I stayed up till 3 AM to calm you down and soothe you? I had an important exam the next day but I thought you were confiding in me about the emotional turmoil in your life because I was the special someone in your life whom you trust the most and I couldn’t let you down but I wish I could say the same about you. There are misunderstandings sometimes and I am sorry I didn’t realise that you came to me only when you wanted/needed something from me.
Yesterday, I was having a rough day and was too depressed to even think but then the thought of talking to you made me smile, made me feel warm and loved. No, I wasn’t going to you rant you about my rough day because I thought it would make you sad (Foolish of me, right? You don’t even care about my existence. ). We could have talked about the happier stuff but all you did was ignore me.
You might even wonder why your ignorance is hurting me so much. Well, its just because you matter to me but obviously vice versa isn’t true. Being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling, isn’t it?
I wrote this message because I wanted to advice you that the next time when you ignore someone, remember that the person would go to sleep crying and wake up crying. Might stay depressed forever and would be so broken from the inside that later nothing  would be able to heal it.
Your ignored friend.

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