Do you feel the urge to text your ex  whenever you see them online ? I DO! It is especially  felt when you have been dumped by your ex…
You don’t want to block your ex because you wanna show them how hot and happening you are even after the break up. You want to let them know that breaking up with you was the biggest mistake of their lives. You want to make them feel jealous. You want them to FEEL THE BURN.
But you end up portraying yourself desperate , needy and clingy. 
Whoa wait, Why did you mention who dumps whom?
Because it actually does matter.
Let us assume you have dumped your ex , let’s name him Erp , you wouldn’t feel the need to talk to him because dumping someone is like giving away something which you once owned.
But on the contrary if Erp dumped you and you still had feelings for him, you feel desperate (I just hate that word) to talk to him, to see if you can get another chance…
What happens if I have been dumped yet I text my Ex?
I will repeat what everyone says (sorry! but thoughts in this world are limited) you need to have some self respect. I know, I know you must be thinking  ” FUCK SELF RESPECT I WANT ERP!” but it is not only about your self respect.It is about how much will it hurt you for example ;
Me: Hey! how are you?
Erp : Hey I am kind of busy I have to go somewhere…
Me : okay..where?
Erp : To meet my classmate at the coffee shop. She is in my math class.
It hurts a lot, it surely does.
So how do you save yourself from such a disappointment? 
I am avoiding going online… I know I know I am online right now but I am trying not to check if he is online…It’s tough :'( . I am making myself busy in other stuff that I enjoy doing and averting the thoughts of the good times I spent. Meeting new people  and instead of ranting about my depressing life, I listen to theirs. I try to help them which gives me immense satisfaction.
Ah but what if Erp contacts me (even though he had dumped me)?
Well exes contact for many reasons
  •  They want to know if you are doing well.
  •  They want to know if you have moved on.
  •  They want to see if you are in a new relationship.
BUT Don’t they know it breaks your heart !! The more you try to avoid them..the more they are trying to involve in your life. You might even wonder “Damn, had you ever showed such interest during our relationship, we would have not even broken up in the first place”. But eh, exes be exes and you can’t really change them.
So how do you reply to such texts!?
# Don’t act as if you are having a blast after the break-up and that the break up was the best thing happened to you. 
Accept the fact, you were very happy in the relationship BUT again, don’t show you are desperate for another chance. It is all done and nothing can change.
# Don’t be rude, reply politely.
They deserve to be treated nicely even though they broke your heart ; be the bigger person and treat them good BUT don’t act desperate .
# Don’t talk for long, let them know that you have a new life to focus on.
People take this in the wrong sense, you are not doing this to make you ex feel jealous but to avoid the possibility of falling in love with them, again.
# Let them know that you do miss them but in a subtle way.


I can’t think of any more tips right now…
But I guess you get the picture right?
OMG OMG OMG He is online! I don’t want to message him..I want to message him…NO! I won’t message him.DAMN I WANT TO MESSAGE HIM!
But I won’t message him and neither should you, don’t you agree? 

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